Today’s YouTube is Guyger in Finland

Posted on: Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Steve Guyger is a top bluesman and harp blower plus we keep hearing on how great the blues scene is in Scandinavia. Here’s a chance to see both things at the same time.

This clip is Steve Guyger at the Liberté in Helsinki, Finland playing with the super cool T. Leino Band.


CK What

May 30th, 2007 at 23:01
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Oh boy what a great clip! Blues in 2007 with the groove of Chess Studios c 1957. Fantastic! Don’t know the Finnish scene too well, but that’s one helluva band by any standards. Top guitar from Mr Leino & standout bass from Kari Karpo. Jeez! just watched another clip without Steve Guyger & there’s another superb guitarist in the band cos Tomi Leino sings & plays harp (bloody well too). Seems like the country with the world’s highest standard of living is condusive to the highest standard in blues bands too!!!