James Hunter on UK TV

Posted on: Thursday, May 31, 2007

James Hunter will be performing two songs on “Later with Jools Holland” Friday 01 June at 11.35. There will also be one downloadable video on the Later website.

“Later” is always mandatory in the Peace household and has been for many years. Many things produced by the B.B.C. make me very proud of this crazy country in which I live; “Later” is one of them.

James Hunter will be performing in the region at the Maryport Blues Festival in July and it was Eleanor from the Festival who sent me the news that I have pasted below.

<<<<<NEWS FLASH >>>>>

On BBC2’s ”Later with Jools Holland” on Friday June 1st , at 11.35pm, James Hunter will be performing 2 songs live and there will be one downloadable video on the Later website.

Maryport is one of only four UK live appearances this year by the James Hunter Band, in addition to the Cambridge Folk Festival and the London Jazz Café. James is performing on the main marquee stage on Saturday 27th at 7pm just before festival headliner, Van Morrison, who said of James “James Hunter is one of the best voices, and best kept secrets, in British R’n’B and Soul. Check him out.” – Van Morrison

The Who, Kaiser Chiefs & The White Stripes are also on the show, so definitely worth watching. http://www.bbc.co.uk/later/show/ (note: James is not listed on the Later website at the moment, but we have checked this information with the BBC)

For more about James Hunter…..visit his website http://www.jameshuntermusic.com/



June 4th, 2007 at 15:21
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As I was away half-killing myself in Newquay on Friday I have just watched the clip and interview on-line – must be the first time he has depped for The Who! Classic one-liner in the interview, and I’d like to think it was off-the-cuff. When asked by the guy what was it like to play “Later”, James replies that he’s not bothered what time he goes on! Seriously though nice to see a talented guy who has done his apprenticeship on the road and pubs and clubs getting some overdue success.



June 4th, 2007 at 19:30
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Indeed! I saw James back in the 80s, or Howling Wilf as he was known at the time playing with his band The Veejays.

They played a small pub in the centre of Bradford (if I recall correctly) there were only about 12-15 people there. The band played their assess off.