Today’s YouTube is Johnny Winter

Posted on: Saturday, Jun 2, 2007

The YouTube user PRAK14 recorded the majority of the recent Johnny Winter show in Southhampton. He says….

20 clips in chronological order of Johnny Winter, ALMOST THE WHOLE CONCERT recorded at The Brook, Southampton, England on the 29th April 2007.

The show was neatly topped and tailed by his current guitar player Paul Nelson who backed by a thunderous rhythm section opened things with a bruising instrumental.And so, cometh the hour cometh the man. Led to his seat, Johnny cut a skeletal figure but over the course of the next 75 minutes or so, he went about his task with some resolve, gradually building up a succession of signature solo’s full of crisp toned repeated note flurries with the occasional string bend, and he even came close once or twice to his trademark growl.

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