YouTube : Nemeth and Foy

Posted on: Sunday, Jun 10, 2007

I took a rock guitar playing friend to see some blues, this friend has seen many of the top rock bands that the world had produced in the last 40 years. It was the 1990s and the Colne line-ups were legendary. That year James Harman was headlining one of the nights. In Harman’s band that night was Joel Foy on the guitar. As part of the show the band did a long s-l-o-w blues (I think it was Stranger Blues from Do Not Disturb). Joel Foy played a tremendous guitar solo at the end of which my friend turned to me and said “I think that was the best guitar solo I have ever seen”.

So we move forward 20 years or so, Joel Foy, no longer in California, is living in Dallas. John Nemeth comes to town with Junior Watson in the band, Watson takes a break and Foy sits in for a tune.

Here is the result.

For the bonus clip, here is the the tremendous Mike Morgan at the same gig.

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