It’s official: Red Lick has finally gone

Posted on: Friday, Jun 15, 2007

However it’s not all bad news. Here’s the press release from the Red Lick site.

Most of you will already know that Red Lick owners Ken and Ann Smith retired at the end of May. After almost 30 years of purveying fine blues music and other related stuff, they decided they’d like to see a bit of the world while they’ve still got the energy!

A take-over of Red Lick can’t be confirmed yet but there has been a great deal of interest and there is a strong possibility that it will re-start in the not too distant future. Rest assured, everyone will be contacted with the good news as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Ken and Ann send their very best wishes and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has sent cards and messages of goodwill. They promise to do their best to make sure that Red Lick lives on!



June 16th, 2007 at 11:42
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Don’t worry guys and gals, if I win the National Lottery tonight a takeover will be swift! Seriously though, what a sad loss – you know how important these guys were too the blues when Paul Jones dedicated his show to them a few weeks ago.