Pictures from last night

Posted on: Sunday, Jun 17, 2007

Yesterday there was a short blues festival at the Hotel California venue in Birkenhead. My old friend Neil Partington’s band “Band of Thieves” played a short set ahead of the latest hot young guitarist Olli Brown. There were also three other bands on the bill with a wide range of talent and style.

Here’s “Band of Thieves”

BirkenheadBlues 011

… and here’s Olli Brown

BirkenheadBlues 015

I’m not saying that the event was loud, but even the sound engineer had some headache pills on hand. Spot the yellow packet below.

BirkenheadBlues 001



June 17th, 2007 at 22:45
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Shame about the turnout yesterday – pretty cold day though and chilly outside until the heaters kicked in! Opening band, Space City Cowboys pretty entertaining – not really blues, more a mix of rockabilly, ska, etc. Neil Partington the best guitarist on show by a country mile (sorry Oli), and that harmonica chappy with him wasn’t too bad. The young bill-topper in my humble opinion is very good for someone of 17 years of age and good luck to him,although the blues rock thing has been done to death lately. The venue was nice and easy to find from Green Lane station, we heard the music as we came out, no wonder the sound engineer had a box of Anadin on stand-by!



June 22nd, 2007 at 11:56
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Yes, it was cold. The turn out was a little low, but it was the first time for a long time having Blues at HC.
I enjoyed Blues Gang too very much, great sound. I actually went to see Oli Brown,I have seen him once or twice now and I have to say I am a fan of the young Bluesman, he has a soul and passion very rare in one so young (and old for that matter)and a professianal stage manner, he gave a good mixture of driving Blues and slow Blues. His ability on the guitar just gets better and better, he certainly, for me, is the one to watch for the future and I believe he will help develop an interest in the Blues for future fans. Try and see him at an indoor gig.(It will be less breazy !!) Rob