Review: Geoff Achison and The Souldiggers at The Harbourside Club, Liverpool Marina – 28th June 2007

Posted on: Sunday, Jul 1, 2007


Australian singer/guitarist/songwriter, Geoff Achison, graced The Harbourside Club as part of his twelfth UK tour. The Souldiggers comprised Paul Jobson on keyboards, Sam Kelly on drums and Dave Clark on bass guitar to complete a mouth-watering line-up.

The show was opened by Geoff in solo, acoustic mode with a stunning version of the Allman Brothers’ “Whipping Post”, complete with driving, intricate rhythms. Memphis Slim’s slow shuffle, “Mother Earth”, eased the tempo before Geoff introduced one of his own compositions. He explained how he got through his days in a plastics factory by composing songs until the day when he was replaced by a machine “that wrote better songs than I did”. The ditty was accompanied by clever reproductions of the sounds made by the factory machinery. “Little Big Man” boasted some lovely guitar work, while a wonderfully reconstructed rendition of “We Can Work It Out” featured an intro that was so heavily disguised that Rolf Harris’s “D’you know what it is yet?” would not have been out of place.

The Souldiggers were beckoned on stage for an upbeat shuffle, followed by a funky delivery of “Sugar Sweet”, which featured the first of a number of superb solos from Paul Jobson. Achison’s own slow and bluesy “Crazy Horse” was followed by very different but extremely effective versions of “The Midnight Hour” and “Walking Blues”, the former funky and the latter to a Bo Diddley beat, to end the first set.

The second set instantly burst into life with “Feel Like A King and “Adam And Eve” with excellent solos from Paul Jobson and Geoff Achison respectively. Albert King’s “If The Washing Don’t Get You, The Rinsing Will” really bounced along. “Voodoo” called New Orleans to mind and, to complete a magnificent programme, “Rule The World” embraced a heavy, funky beat and featured another tremendous guitar solo.

The encouragingly large audience was understandably knocked out by this towering performance from a quartet of superlative musicians, with the supreme artistry of Achison and Jobson magnificently underpinned by a top class rhythm section. In short, it was another cracking night at The Harbourside.

Lionel Ross

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