More good blues in Scandinavia

Posted on: Wednesday, Jul 4, 2007

Check out Bluestone.

or jump staight to a sample

Here’s what Bluestone say….

The first full-length CD from Bluestone. Bluestone from Oulu, Finland, released its first full-length CD titled it takes time in early February 2007 and received rave reviews for it in Finland. It has now been shortlisted in the United States for the Blues Release of the Month. The pioneers of traditional Chicago-blues in Finland, Bluestone has been active in its original line-up since 1993. The recording process was true to the genre: there were no overdubs and almost all entries were first takes. Special attention was also paid to the sound world. The recording process took place in an old school gym, which accounts for the big sound on the record. The artists are: Matti Loppela (guitar), Pekka Pulkkinen (vocals/harmonica), Markku “Maxx” Perälä (piano/organ), Miikka ”Chef” Kivimäki (bass) and Jari Korpimäki (drums).

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