YouTube: The Fab T-Birds

Posted on: Friday, Jul 13, 2007

Fabulous Thunderbirds

As a pre-gig tribute to one of the greatest rock and roll bands the world has ever seen. Here are some YouTube videos of the various major incarnations of the band. Note Kim Wilson in each.

First – the current line up – KW, Kirk Fletcher, Nick Curran, GeneTaylor, Jay Moeller and Ronnie James Webber. This is the band playing in Manchester and Southport next week.  I know that there are still a few tickets available for Southport, I assume the same for Manchester.

Second – KW, Kirk Fletcher, Jimi Bott (I can’t see the rest of the band)

Third – what I view as the third line-up – KW and the old James Harman band Kid Ramos, Willie C Campbell (playing bass and chewing gum) and Steve Hodges.

Fourth – the second main line up. KW, Fran Christina, Preston Hubbard, Robillard and Kid Bangham.

Fifth – the mid 80’s rock line-up – Kim, Jimmie, Fran, and Pres

Lastly the classic T-Birds – Kim, Jimmie, Fran, Keith Ferguson or Kim, Jimmie, Mike Buck, Keith Ferguson

Yeah – sorry – I can’t find a video of this classic line-up – if anybody has one then please comment on this post.

Oh yes and I do know that the publicity photo has Jimi Bott and not Jay Moeller.

Lastly – after racking my tired memory for all the T-Birds personnel I found the WikiPedia page that lists all the members.

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