Firebird Smith

Posted on: Monday, Jul 16, 2007

Firebird Smith are a high-energy blues/soul/funk show band, from their website I can’t work out where exactly they are based, but they must be close as they have numerous dates in the region.  I understand thet they are looking for more work in the region.  If you like what you hear, then give them a call.

If you like your blues with horns, funk and soul then check out their website

One small word of warning though – as I write this article all the current dates in the northwest are as the trio format using midi files rather than the full band.



July 16th, 2007 at 22:13
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Reviewed the band at Alexander’s a good few years ago, they played a mix of soul/blues and were pretty swinging. Used to know the keyboard player, Paul Pinkham, but doesn’t look as if he is in the band now. He also used to play with Andy Pyatt’s jazzy outfit, Opus Da Funk, who again were pretty tasty!