A year since we lost Sweet Sammy Myers

Posted on: Tuesday, Jul 17, 2007

Yes indeed – I know – It does not seem like 12 months since Sam Myers passed. But a strange co-incidence for me – as I opened up the email on Blues-L mentioning Sam’s sad anniversary I was listening to Darrel Nulisch singing “Goin’ back to Dallas” from his excellent CD “Goin’ back to Dallas”.

Here are two lovely clips of Sam. I can even forgive the slightly pushy bass as the recordings and video are so good.

Let me slowly bring you down

Coming from the old school



July 17th, 2007 at 22:48
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Excellent find Ken – two sweet clips! Looks like the Electro-Fi gang have recorded a lot of these clips in the same studio as you can also find top stuff with Finis Tasby, Mel Brown, Harmonica Shah, etc, also on the mighty YouTube.