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Posted on: Saturday, Jul 21, 2007

Music DVD Review: Tail Dragger: My Head Is Bald – Live at Vern’s Friendly Lounge


Pete Evans

July 21st, 2007 at 11:30
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This is an excellent dvd which I bought when it was first released.
Tail Dragger is a canny old bloke who sounds remarkably like The Wolf and his moniker was given to him by The Wolf who used to crawl around the stage on all fours howling like a wolf dragging a false tail behind him.
Backed by excellent Chicago musicians Lurrie Bell,Jimmy Dawkins (one cameo slot), Billy Branch, Kenny Smith, Bob Stroger, Kevin Shanahan and Willie Young it captures the essence of a live Chicago west side bar gig.
The cover states” he’s become unique by not changing in 40 years”
– absolutely true. It gives in my opinion a taste of what Chicago west side was like in the days of Magic Sam and The Wolf and I strongly recommend it.