Dancing to the blues

Posted on: Sunday, Jul 22, 2007

One thing that I have noticed as a big difference between blues clubs in the US and the UK is the quantity and quality of the dancing. The clubs in the US seem to have the dance floor full all night and the ‘Merkins seem to have knowledge of how to actually dance to blues rather than just jiggling on the floor. Maybe this is because they are taught to dance for the American institution – the high school prom, I don’t know for sure.

Often in the UK the dancefloor remains half empty until the last song and the encore after which the dancers don’t want to go home. I noticed that in Texas it was the shuffles that filled the dancefloor whilst in the UK, the straighter, more rock and roll or soul beats are more popular.

One thing I have never seen anywhere is the performance of the Shim Sham, this should change. The world would be a better place with more Shim Shamming. Here’s a clip that demonstrates my point perfectly.


Shim Sham anyone?

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