YouTube: Harman and Gene Taylor

Posted on: Sunday, Jul 29, 2007

After hearing the other week that Gene Taylor had left the Fabulous Thunderbirds to live in Belgium, I ran a YouTube search to see if there was any recent footage of Gene Taylor over here on our side of the pond.

What a bonus. Here is Gene Taylor with the fabulous James Harman and a great band who shall remain nameless – I’d love to know who the guitarist is. I wondered if it is Alex Schultz, but the film quality and the hat don’t help the identification. Anyway the band are fabulous. I would have loved to be at this gig. Amazing stuff! Parts one two and three.

There are some photos over that the organisers’ site.

I think that as time ticks away and a generation from now as we collectively review the bands and artists of the late 20th century then I am confident that James Harman will be recognised as the great singer and songwriter that he is (not forgetting his brilliant harp playing). I have recently been resampling his many recordings, I hadn’t listened to them in ages and I tell you what, they sound as good today as they did when I first heard Extra Napkins in Decoy records in Manchester and bought it on the spot.


Here’s James from 1990 at J&J’s Fort Worth Texas.

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