YouTube: On the Jimmy Reed Highway

Posted on: Friday, Sep 7, 2007

The new CD release “On the Jimmy Reed Highway” is getting a lot of airplay at the moment. The revue band features Jimmie Vaughan, Omar Dykes, Kim Wilson, Lou Ann Barton, Derek O’Brien, Gary Clark Jr. and others.

Here’s a chance to capture some of the live action. There are a handful of excellent clips.  This clip of Eddie Taylor’s “Bad Boy” features Omar Dykes on vocals, Jimme Vaughan on guitar, Ronnie James Weber on bass, Derek O’Brien on guitar and Wes Starr on drums.

There are some review on the recent shows. There is a good one at

The review starts…

Hey, Clifford: I wish you could have seen this one. Because this was a night that really brought honor to the blues, and old friends, and the club that bears your name. The Jimmy Reed Highway — the new blues revue featuring Jimmie Vaughan, Omar Dykes, Kim Wilson, Lou Ann Barton, Derek O’Brien and Gary Clark Jr. — was a smashing success on stage. It was a show of the highest order.

I swear, Clifford, the energy in the air on Friday was almost sensual. Not blues like a hurricane, or blues as a string of blazing solos. Rather, it was blues like a long, slow, smoky burn. You see, the idea was to play it straight to the spirit of Mississippi blues legend Jimmy Reed. And just as much, to the spirit of his longtime guitarist: your hero, “the greatest there ever was,” Eddie Taylor.

The show really worked as a revue…….

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February 8th, 2008 at 23:50
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It all began when I heard a song on KGSR radio 107.1 FM Austin Texas…..I got the address of the place where the group would be playing…and a complete stranger I met said that the address was the Saxon Pub on Lamar, Austin…the group playing was Omar and the Howlers…I showed up and it was amazing…I have since searched out and found out about Jimmmy Reed Highway…and bought the three copies Best Buy got in today for Valentine’s day for my two sons and son in law… Omar is the real deal… Trust me…I can see why the interest…sorry you weren’t there at Saxon Pub…I heard someone say they could have sold tickets at a big venue for beaucoup $$.