Gary Primich RIP

Posted on: Tuesday, Sep 25, 2007

As mentioned in the comments section by Jonny Gary Primich has indeed passed away.  For me Gary was one of the best harminica players of his generation.  He had a very unique tone and phrasing, I learned a huge amount from Gary and I own all his CDs.  Today is a sad day for all blues harmonica lovers.  Here’s the press release from his website.

Gary Primich, considered by many to be one of the
greatest harmonica players in the world, passed away
suddenly on September 23rd. Not only is this the loss
of a world-class talent, but also of a true
world-class person. Offstage, Gary was a caring and
gentle soul — a real Regular Joe of the best kind.
Onstage he played with a ferocity and indescribable
sound that was often mind-blowing. He’d say Thank You
to his fans then quickly change the subject because he
didn’t want it to be all about him. He loved animals,
he loved people, he loved music and he loved life.
Gary’s career sent him around the world, traveling
thousands and thousands of miles for his love of
music, but he’ll always be right here, in our hearts.
Details regarding a memorial service for Gary will be
posted as soon as more information is available.

There is already a lovery tribute on Mr G’s blog.

RIP Gary.  I’ll miss you.

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