Gary Primich Tributes

Posted on: Tuesday, Sep 25, 2007

Nothing but sadness, praise and fond memories on the two mailing lists that I subscribe to Blues-L and Harp-L. I sit here back home after my long journey listening to Gary’s songs shedding a small tear with the news finally sinking in.

Some obits and tributes have started to appear and I will try to feature as many as I can for this giant of a bluesman who died suddenly at only 49.

I remember the first Gary Primich CD that I bought. Travelling Mood in 1994. I got a recommendation from someone, who I can’t remember, if it was you then I apologise. for forgetting and I say thanks.

On hearing the CD I was immediately blown away by the strength and diversity of the playing. It is still one of my favourite CDs that have blues harmonica featured. For me Gary had many strengths; I love his jazzy shuffle playing – the head and the solo on “School of Hard Knocks” is outstanding. I love his amazing solo on “Dummy on your Knee” it is a masterpiece on hand shaping and absolute intensity, he really felt that – you can tell. Her also recorded many classic 2nd position fast shuffle instrumentals each one a classic. His 3rd position playing was also amazing “What’s it gonna be” is a great example of this.

Acoustically he recorded great tunes too check out “Feel like going home” simple, beautiful and incredibly difficult to play anything like Gary managed.

Check out this amazing playing and go out and buy his CDs

dummy on your knee

ain’t you trouble

feel like going home

I based a lot of my own style on Gary Primich’s ideas – I came nowhere close; I didn’t finish up in the same county let alone ball park but I owe him a huge dept of gratitude.

RIP Gary Primich 1958 – 2007.


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