Competition: Name the CD

Posted on: Friday, Oct 12, 2007

The JW Jones Blues Band have a new CD recorded but not yet released. They are running a completition to name the new CD — visit the website to enter…..

Since we value the opinion of our family, friends, and fans so much, we’re opening the door of creativity to all of you to help us out. We need to name our new CD, to be released in early 2008.

It will feature Little Charlie Baty and Junior Watson, THE two most influential blues guitarists on the west coast, as well as THE best traditional blues rhythm section on the planet – Richard Innes and Larry Taylor. So it’s definitely a dream come true, and the results are kick-ass so far!

RULES (super easy!)

– The word “blues” can not be in the title – since it’s part of the band name.
– It has to be as unique as possible – if you search for it on google like this: [ “your-cd-name” “jones” ] (without the [ ] ‘s) – we need less than 100 matches.
– Please don’t stop at one idea – send as many as you can.
– Even if YOU think it’s terrible, it probably isn’t! It might be something we can add to and work perfectly.
– Don’t be shy J


– Winner will receive 3 signed copies of the new CD, signed poster, t-shirt, and a credit (a “thank you” to winners name) inside the CD.

– Runner-up will receive 1 signed CD and signed poster.

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