Ian Siegal on Raven ‘n’ Blues

Posted on: Thursday, Nov 1, 2007

Last week’s Raven ‘n’ Blues podcast featured an interview and live performance by the fabulous Ian Siegal.

As ever with Dave Raven’s shows, he records an inteview of about 45-60 mins then edits a 20min portion into the final show.  Both files are always available for download or listening online.

You can hear he whole interview at http://www.bfbs2.com/rnb.html – simply click Ian’s name for the MP3

The final broadcast show featuring the segment on Ian along with tunes from Sue Foley, Diamond Dave & the Doodaddies and Grayson Capps amongst others is available at http://www.bfbs2.com/listen/rnb.html

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