Review: Samuel Thornton – Wine Women and Song

Posted on: Monday, Nov 12, 2007

“Wine, Women & Song” / “County Bridge”

(Two-track download, IVOLV Jazz & Blues)

Available from all major download sites comes this interesting two-track release from a former graduate of Leeds College of Music, Samuel Thornton, a talented young man who not only sings very well, but plays saxophone, clarinet and guitar!

Although not strictly blues, the two songs have a more sunny, jazzy feel – the first track “Wine, Women & Song” having a laid-back approach, with some excellent jazzy acoustic guitar and muted trumpet, and wry lyrics.

“County Bridge” shows a more thought-provoking side to Thornton – about misunderstanding and prejudice in a racially-divided America – and featuring some lovely electric slide guitar, and an almost funky-groove.

Samuel Thornton has already worked with many top jazz artists, such as Clare Teal and Alan Barnes and performed at many prestigious venues – definitely a name to look out for!

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Samuel Thornton

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