Other great stuff on Woodsongs

Posted on: Wednesday, Nov 21, 2007

I was reading the list of artists on the Woodsongs Archive page in preparation for posting the Willie Big Eyes Smith post. As I ran down the list there are many acts in the archive that I am sure have some appeal to the bluesinthenorthwest.com readers. I have mentioned a few over the years but I missed quite a few. Here is a selection of the just some of the artists…..

  • Willie “Big Eyes” Smith
  • Bobby Rush
  • Tommy Emmanuel
  • Maria Muldaur
  • Charlie Musselwhite
  • Guy Davis
  • Kelly Joe Phelps
  • Watermelon Slim
  • Chris Thomas King
  • Marcia Ball
  • Janiva Magness
  • Paul Oscher
  • …. and many, many others

I only went back to show 384. It’s a great archive. Even better if you like Americana, Bluegrass, Country and Folk.

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