Ian Siegal request

Posted on: Friday, Nov 30, 2007

Can anyone help this Ian Siegal fan?

I had pushed for a Blackpool Ian Siegal gig to be arranged via a promoter I knew but Ian has since been offered the chance to play at a big Belgian festival and so he’s had to postpone his gig until October 2008 instead of May 2008.

I can’t possibly go cold-turkey until October so is there anyone you could suggest have him on any sooner to keep my withdrawals at bay? He’s on in a couple of venues but they’re all about a 2-3hour drive away. I saw him in Warrington on 23rd and he was fantastic.

Anyone prepared to book Ian before October?

…and following on from that, here’s a request from me. I couldn’t go to Warrington myself because I was not home in time. 11pm on a Friday night <sniff!>.

Does anyone wish to post a review or a few words about the Warrington gig? Either email them to me or add a comment to this entry. What about photos, anyone snap a few? I can host them at the bluesinthenorthwest.com Flickr site or I can link to them at your site.


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