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Posted on: Thursday, Jan 10, 2008

Former St. Louis Couple Leaves Corporate Life To Open Blues and Folk Art Store in Mississippi

CLARKSDALE, MS. – July 29, 2002 — “When we tell people what we’re doing, we usually got one of two reactions,” said former St. Louis resident Roger Stolle. “‘Wow, I’m jealous.’ Or, ‘Are you crazy?’ I guess we’ve chosen a path less traveled.”

After 7 years of Delta journeys and a year of intense planning, Roger and his wife Jennifer left St. Louis to start Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art, Inc. in small-town Mississippi. Both left comfortable marketing careers of 10-plus years, with Roger in a lucrative management position. “A year ago, I was meeting with the CEO of May Company and traveling to Hong Kong on business,” explained Roger. “Last week, I booked a blues musician named T-Model Ford for our grand opening and set up a store display that included a chair made out of painted cow bones. You tell me which sounds more fun.”


Pete Evans

January 10th, 2008 at 23:32
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I have had the pleasure of spending quite a lot of time with Roger Stolle both on the Big George Brock tour and in Cathead itself and all I can say is – he’s a top man. He has really started to envigorate and galvanise the blues scene down in Clarksdale and the Delta and has helped many of the blues men down there, as well as Big George, achieve some recognition. He also schedules the music at Ground Zero blues club and is a walking encyclopaedia of the blues.
His store is truly amazing with books, art, cds, dvds and lots more beside. The only downside about visiting Cathead is knowing what to take home with you and what to leave… but there’s always the mail order service! Check out his website and sign up to the newsletter.