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Posted on: Tuesday, Jan 29, 2008

Les Thomas, homesteader, Pie Town, New Mexico (LOC), originally uploaded by The Library of Congress.

I didn’t see many photos directly relating to blues however what I can say is that this is a stunning set of pictures all taken in the 1930s and the 1940s in the USA.

From the site….

“These vivid color photos from the Great Depression and World War II capture an era generally seen only in black-and-white. Photographers working for the United States Farm Security Administration (FSA) and later the Office of War Information (OWI) created the images between 1939 and 1944.We invite your tags and comments! Also, more identification information. (The current titles come from the agency’s original documentation, which was sometimes incomplete.)The FSA/OWI pictures depict life in the United States, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, with a focus on rural areas and farm labor, as well as aspects of World War II mobilization, including factories, railroads, aviation training, and women working.The original images are color transparencies ranging in size from 35 mm. to 4×5 inches. They complement the better-known black-and-white FSA/OWI photographs, made during the sameperiod.The Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division preservesthe original photographs and offers the digital copies to ensure their wide availability.”

You can see the full set on Flickr

Interestingly I did not see many black faces in these photo sets. I’m a bit uncomfortable about that but I suppose that…

1. It’s a different country

2. It’s a fair while ago.

There is a picture of what may be a a pretty run down Juke Joint in Florida

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