Gig: Adrian Legg – Liverpool – 15 Feb

Posted on: Wednesday, Jan 30, 2008

Another non-blues act that will have some appeal to some readers. Adrian Legg is a living legend. I remember seeing the face of an old guitarist friend of mine after he had just seen Legg, if I recall his exact words were “not human” (in a good way you understand).

Adrian will be playing at the Liverpool Philharmonic Rodewald Suite on 15 Feb.

Since the 1990 release of his first U.S. recording Guitars and Other Cathedrals , Adrian Legg has more than lived up to the expectations stirred by an ongoing avalanche of praise from critics, fans, top guitar mags and peers alike. Joe Satriani once said, “He’s simply the best acoustic guitar player I’ve ever heard…he plays like he has hammers for fingers.” The genius that the Boston Globe has called “technical brilliance paired with a troubadour’s tale-weaving skill” led him from 1993-96 to be voted Best Fingerstyle Guitarist four years straight by the readers of Guitar Player magazine. On Inheritance , his second release for Favored Nations and ninth overall, Legg blends his extraordinary virtuosity on the acoustic with a lush sonic arena that harkens back to the musical textures of his childhood life before the guitar.

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