YouTube: Fleetwood Mac in 1968

Posted on: Monday, Feb 11, 2008

Fleetwood Mac in 1968 on French TV. While a lot of the 1960s Brit blues does not stand up well these days (in my opinion) I still like the early Fleetwood Mac stuff. Let’s face it, the majority of 1960s British stuff was terrible. It got me into the blues but there is some dire stuff out there.

Recently I listened to the “Beano” album again and while not really enjoying Mayall’s vocals some of the tunes took me back.

There’s me in my mid-40s — I was only born in the early 60s – I sound like I was there when it all happened. Clearly I wasn’t, but it was when I was into my rock music that I found the blues stuff from the 60s as I was searching for guitar solos.

Anyway – enough of the wittering. Here’s Fleetwood Mac.

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