Hacks and upgrades

Posted on: Saturday, Mar 1, 2008

Anyone reading the site in the last day or so will have noticed very strange things going on.  While I was away, the site was hacked and malicious additions were made to some of the posts pointing unwary readers to some seedy internet sites.

The hacking was my fault really.  For months I had known that the site was running an older version of the WordPress software and I was aware that this presented a security risk.

This weekend I had to bite the bullet and upgrade the site to a newer version of the software.  After a few hours of effort I have the site back up, but observant readers will notice that we have a new look and feel.  This is mandatory; the old look and feel theme has not been upgraded to support the new WordPress version.  So after hours of searching and trial and error, for now, I have settled on this new theme.  In all honesty, I don’t like it as much; some of the features that we used to have we have lost (check out the non-existent Archive page).

Anyway to cut a long story not short enough, we are once again open for business.  I still have that full email inbox that I mentioned yesterday and I will do my best to begin normal service ASAP.  Commenting is now open again although some of the older posts have been locked and I really cannot be arsed to edit each of them to open up the comments.

Please let me know what you think of the new look.  I’ll keep searching for prettier and more functional layouts.

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