Review: Duffy – Wrexham – 05 Mar 2008

Posted on: Thursday, Mar 13, 2008 have been fans of Duffy for many a month and it is a real treat to be able to feature a review of the current number one artist.

Central Station, Wrexham: 05/03/08

The rise and rise of 23 years old Aimee Ann Duffy – or just plain Duffy now, has been well documented over the last six months, from the North Wales coastal town of Nefyn, to the top of the UK singles charts, and no doubt later this week, album chart as well.

The few hundred lucky ticket holders at Central Station in Wrexham were  catching just her second show since the release of the debut “Rockferry” album and were treated to a virtual run through of it, with its emotional filled soul ‘from the heart’, in a brief set of less than an hour, dominated by her tremendous voice!

High profile television and radio work have catapulted this lovely, modest singer into becoming the ‘next big thing’ and on the evidence of this show she can’t fail, as accompanied by her slick six-piece band she captivated the audience.

Starting with the title cut of “Rockferry” and the sweeping, panoramic “Warwick Avenue” the young lady showed that her tremendous voice can cut it live as well as on record – with the band more sympathetic than swamping her. The string-laden cuts of the recorded songs, replaced live by keyboards, and were non the worse for it.

The sunny pop of “Serious” – surely another hit single in waiting – and the gospel flavoured “Syrup & Honey”, just voice and chunky guitar, were two standout performances.

However it was two non-album tracks that were possibly best of the night – the free downloadable “Breaking My Own Heart” and the very funky “Tomorrow”,  with her band hitting a fine groove –  possibly the most modern sounding song on show!

Of course the biggest cheers of the night were reserved for “Mercy” – three weeks at number one – a great tune with its classic Northern Soul sound and unbelievably catch hook!

Although Duffy has been touted as a new Dusty Springfield, her sound seems to come from a well of deep soul, and indeed her producer and mentor Bernard Butler, gave her a selection of classic soul singles to listen to whilst recording and some of those have certainly had an influence on her sound.

It was great to see this new star in a small venue, as she has already moved on to larger halls for her May tour, which are already sold out – if she keeps her feet on the ground and is handled well the sky is the limit!



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