Gig: The Backbones – Warrington – 28 Mar

Posted on: Saturday, Mar 22, 2008

Unfortunately I will miss this gig that promises to be one of the highlights of the season here in the northwest.  I’ll be in Madrid.

Next Friday 28th March sees a performance by European blues stars The Backbones at Warrington Blues Club.

The Backbones are more than just another band; it’s a team of the finest blues musicians playing the music they love either as ‘The Backbones’ or as a backing band for touring artists.

After years of playing together in various successful blues bands, “Lord” Julius and “El” Guido decided to surround themselves with some of the best blues musicians in the country to start a new and refreshing concept. The idea was to create a group of musicians who are able to play in different configurations and who are capable of being a backing band for blues artists coming to Europe. In December 2003 The Backbones recorded a demo CD at New Road Studios which helped to establish their name in a short period of time. Now, a year and a half later, The Backbones have already toured with the likes of Monster Mike Welch, Hook Herrera, Julian Vaughan, Mitch Kashmar, Matt Schofield and Richard Studholme and have played at various big clubs and festivals around Holland, Belgium, Germany and Denmark.

When The Backbones are not backing up other people they play clubs and festivals around Europe in different configurations. The basic configuration is the classic 4-piece consisting of a solid, swinging rhythm section combined with a soulful guitar player and a fiery singer/harp player, the special configuration adds a honkin’ and screaming saxophone and a grooving Hammond/piano player, while the big band is the special configuration combined with a full horn section. This way The Backbones always sound fresh and spontaneous while they can play different styles ranging from classic Chicago-blues to contemporary blues to the sounds of big bands like Roomful of Blues, and anything in between.

In times when other bands try to incorporate different styles in their music, The Backbones remain true to their roots and their selves by playing the music they love with passion and energy. The Backbones are 100% BLUES!


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