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Posted on: Thursday, May 1, 2008

This message was sent to me by Pete Evans, it was also published on the Blues-L mailing list.  If you follow the link to the Broke and Hungry website the method donations is very clear indeed.  They accept Paypal and credit cards.

Greetings, friends. I am afraid I am the bearer of bad news.

Wesley “Junebug” Jefferson, who cut a great record for Broke & Hungry Records last year, is sick. He’s been diagnosed with lung cancer and is currently undergoing some pretty tough chemo treatment., with support from Broke & Hungry Records, is organizing an online fundraiser to support this veteran bluesman. Wesley and his family are struggling hard to not only fight this disease but to pay for his very expensive treatments. Any support you could provide would be greatly appreciated. and Broke & Hungry Records will be offering several premiums to encourage donations. To help ensure this is a succesful campain, LiveBluesWorld will match up to $500 in donations.

Of course, any contribution will be gladly accepted, but several standard contribution levels have been set up. Information on those levels and their corresponding premiums are as follows:

– $25: Live Blues World T-Shirt (adult sizes available)

– $35: Meet Me in the Cotton Field, the critically acclaimed CD by Big T and Wesley Jefferson from Broke & Hungry Records

– $50: Live Blues World T-Shirt and Meet Me in the Cotton Field CD

– $100: Complete collection of Broke & Hungry Records CDs:
* Meet Me in the Cotton Field by Big T and Wesley Jefferson
* The World Must Never Know by the Mississippi Marvel
* Done Got Tired of Tryin’ by Jimmy “Duck” Holmes
* Searching for Odell Harris by Odell Harris
* Back to Bentonia by Jimmy “Duck” Holmes

For those who are unfamiliar with Wesley, he’s been a stalwart of the Mississippi Delta blues scene for decades. He’s a bass player, singer, bandleader and exceptional songwriter. He’s a fixture at such down-home jukes as Red’s Lounge and Sarah’s Kitchen in Clarksdale and the Do Drop Inn in Shelby. His bands have included such marquee names as Frank Frost, Sam Carr, Robert “Bilbo” Walker, Super Chikan and Terry “Big T” Williams. Wesley is one of the last of his generation. When he sings about growing up in the cotton fields, he sings from experience. We hope to have Wesley around to celebrate for many years to come.

We will be accepting donations through Friday, May 23, at which time we’ll present Wesley and his family a check for all of the contributions made, along with the LiveBluesWorld matching contribution.

Thanks for your support.

Jeff Konkel
Broke & Hungry Records

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