Review: Ian Siegal – Warrington – 30 May 2008

Posted on: Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ian Siegal Band -Warrington Blues Club -30 May 2008

Ian Siegal

It was an excellent night at Warrington Blues Club last night featuring the excellent Ian Siegal Band. A full review will follow but I thought that I’d just upload a few initial impressions and a dodgy picture.

Ian and the boys stormed through over two hours worth of blues, funk, country, americana etc. The thing that I like very much about Ian Siegal is that he always brings passion to the show, you never get the feeling that he is going through the motions. All three of them really seem to enjoy themselves on stage and the enjoyment really shines through. There is a strong feeling of arrangements being done on the fly in true improvised tradition, I even saw Ian leading the band using the old jazz hand key signals for the different chords.

Readers of will know that I am a terrible photographer, I only have a little pointy clicky camera and zero skill to go with it. I was lucky enough to meet blues fan and excellent photographer Paul Webster. I am certain that Paul will have some top quality photographs and I will post the link to them when they are available. The lucky devil is off to Chicago this weekend so we may have to wait a few weeks.



May 31st, 2008 at 15:42
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Can only endorse what Ken has said – absolutely cracking night! Probably more non-blues than straight blues, but none the worse for it – as the man said himself “there are only two sorts of songs – good songs and s*it songs”! The guys plays with such conviction you can’t help be won over. Review probably tomorrow!