Blues from Billy on VHS

Posted on: Sunday, Jun 1, 2008

Long time blues lover and reader Billy Cross from Kirby has contacted us. As Billy’s friends and acquaintances will know, for many years Billy has been recording and collecting live blues events on VHS tape. Billy has recently transferred all his collection to DVD and is offering the whole original 35 VHS tapes free of charge to a good home.The only requirement is that the new owner needs to collect the tapes from Billy in Kirby.

Interested people should contact Billy on 0151 289 8460. Billy will then be able to tell you more about his collection.

Billy reminds me that one of the tapes features a short section of myself jamming with the Neil Dalton band about 11 years ago at The Crown in Accrington during one of the Colne Festival weekends. I do remember that event, despite the copious amounts of real ale involved, and I do remember some distinctly dodgy playing after a mess up over regional accents. The geordie boys not understanding my dulcet Yorkshire vowels. But please don’t let that put you off. He has bags of good stuff available gratis to any blues lover with a good home.

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