Review: Mike Zito – “Today”

Posted on: Wednesday, Jun 11, 2008


Mike Zito “Today”
ElectoGroove EGR CD 503

Brand new on ElectoGroove Records comes this cross genre release from Mike Zito, entitled “Today” the CD truly defies all categorisation. At times bluesy, at times more country and always with elements of rock, americana and blue-eyed soul thrown in for good measure. Raw this ain’t.  Zito’s band features a veritable who’s who of top drawer sidemen but always Zito’s vocals and bluesy guitar are at the forefront.

Zito is young and talented.  Fusing traditional ideas into a contemporary package.  He was born in St Louis first began singing and performing at the age of five.

The CD kicks off with “Love Like This” with a soul tinged country feel that shows the extremely high production values that typify the ElectoGroove label. The rhythm is held throughout country-style by the strumming acoustic guitar but there is a most uncountrified guitar solo in the middle. That really sets out the stall for the whole CD. Truly genre busting. However all through the release Mike’s sweet vocals are in evidence, sugar sweet and lovely in the more laid back tunes up to a full throated gruffness for the more lively numbers. Evidence of the genre busting nature is ably demonstrated in the beautiful jazzy country-like cover of the Prince classic “Little Red Corvette”

The bluesiest track and hence the one most likely to interest readers is “Slow It Down” a minor keyed blues with a twist.

The highlights for me were “Holding Out For Love” a sad song of love gone bad featuring an almost Dave Gilmour-like guitar solo. “Blinded” has a latin-tinged, almost Doobie Brothers groove going on. However, the clear standout for me is the funky “Hollywood” that tells us all about the perils of living in this famous Californian location – this song features the catchiest guitar hook that I have heard this month and really stays with you long after the strains of the final tune, a very sweet “Time to Go Home”, have died away.

So if you like your soul with a dash of blues, your funk countrified and you like modern, excellent songs written played and sung by a class act then look this CD up.





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