YouTube: Doctor Feelgood 1975

Posted on: Friday, Jun 13, 2008

Oh boy!  Does this take me back.  My strong belief is that the British culture does not breed excellence in classic blues grooves, however we have a great reputation and history for producing pushy and spiky music.  I don’t know the reason for this, it was postulated to me many years ago that our historic licensing laws and the necessity to have everyone out of the door at 10.55 resulted in us making great three minute songs and not so good 20 minute songs (of course world famous bands like PInk Floyd completely disprove this flimsy theory).  None of this postulation detracts from the clear excellence of the original Doctor Feelgood, here’s the band in full Thames delta glory from 1975.  The Feelgoods were a huge influence on me and this is a classic.  Enjoy the dodgy re-done sound and the freshly laundered suit of “Going Back Home”.

Feelgood fans will also enjoy this bonus from The OGWT also from 1975. I remember watching this when it was first broadcast. Wilko is great – lead and rhythm at the same time.



June 13th, 2008 at 11:02
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Who could resist the original Feelgoods? You just got to love them! Nothing like Wilko and Lee in full-flight, with Sparko and The Big Figure pushing it along! This comes from the great DVD/CD package released a couple of years ago – a fantastic live show on home turf at The Kursaal in Southend and live cd with 20-odd tracks on – essential if you don’t own it!