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Posted on: Wednesday, Jun 25, 2008

Here’s a recent post made to the Blues-L mailing list by Chuck Nevitt. I thought that his interesting take of blues releted clips made very good watching….

Across The Street From The Blues

Syl Johnson -- Is one of the great under-rated singers. Here he is,
displaying chops right out of the Al Green school of soul.

Little Junior Parker -- Long a favorite of blues fans, late in his career
Parker showed he wasn't about to stay stuck in the 50s. Financially, that
probably wasn't the smartest move he made, because he was essentially cut
out of the blues scene because his style had changed. This song is from an
obscure album that also had 3 Beatler cover tunes on it.

Rusty Zinn -  Rusty not only knows his way around the blues, but here he
shows that he's a helluva reggae musician, making Frankie Valli's "Can't
Take My Eyes Off Of You" sound like it's straight on the island.

Sean Costello -- Speaking of Al Green, here is a clip of with Sean and his
band performing Al's great tune, "I'm A Ram."

John Lee Hooker -- Hooker hooks up with Carlos Santana. Carlos started out
playing the blues in the 60s, and I don't know that Hooker ever played much
Santana music, but despite what some might doubts about, the two of them
sound good together.
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