Gig: Guitar Legends Show – Liverpool – 27 July 2008

Posted on: Saturday, Jun 28, 2008

Guitar Legends Show

The Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool

27 July 2008

Gary Murphy presents a night of the legends in Liverpool on 27 July 2008.  The concept of the show is to show how the guitar has developed over the years, going from the early 1920s right through all the genres of guitar, including jazz, blues, country, country rock, pop up to the present day.

There will be 22 guitarists songs performed live using each of the signature songs of the legend.  BBC Radio Merseyside’s Billy Butler will be narrating the lives and story of each guitarist.

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June 28th, 2008 at 11:12
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Here’s the great Chris Spedding’s “Guitar Jamboree” from the Bottom Line in 1992, doing a similar thing . . .