News from the Cadillac Kings

Posted on: Sunday, Jul 13, 2008

Some mixed news from one of the northwest favourite southern bands.  The excellent Cadillacs pianist Mike Adcock has decided to call it a draw after six years with the band and is leaving.  The band cite the ever risky musical differences as the reason for departure, actually I lied – he had moved to Gloucs and it’s a long way to East London and Essex.

But the good news is that joining the band will be Boogie Woogie star Henri Herbert.

Here are the Cadillacs at full tilt.  Enjoy.

I could not find a clip of Henri playing solo, but I think that his rather good RnB band have Henri tinkling the ivories.–VW6TM


Pete Evans

July 13th, 2008 at 17:00
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Henri is a brilliant pianist. He was a student at Nottingham University at the same time as my daughter Beth and used to be a regular at the Running Horse.
Tommy (Allen) did a little bit of work with him and at one stage discussed the possibility of Henri joining Trafficker but nothing became of it.
He’ll be an asset to the Cadillacs apart from bringing down the average age considerably … sorry boys!!!