Blues in Madrid – Vladi Olmos and David Garcia

Posted on: Friday, Aug 1, 2008

On Thursday night I was lucky enough to catch a very sweet blues duo in Madrid.

The evening, for half of the Spanish team along with my boss from Holland, started out with with a couple of cañas on the Plaza Mayor.  Dinner followed at a fantastic restaurant owned by a friend of one of the guys.  The food was “Modern Spanish” – authentic Spanish ingredients used to prepare new, quality Spanish dishes.

Highly recommended –

As we left the restaurant I mentioned the Blues Club and the Spanish sensibly beat a hasty retreat for at least six hours of sleep.  Not so fortunate for my non blues-loving boss who felt duty bound to come with me as we were staying at the same hotel.

So we popped off to the tiny cellar bar blues club La Coquette that I discovered on my last Madrid visit earlier in the summer.  As we entered we caught the second half of the blues duo Vladi Olmos and David Garcia – Vladi playing a selection of acoustic guitars and asturiano David Garcia palying some really sweet, sweet harmonica.  The songs covered were a handful of blues standards along with a couple of blues sung completely in Spanish that worked really well (no sorry  – I don’t know what the songs were about – I still have a lot to learn).

In my halting Spanish I asked the pair if I could sit in for a tune and in perfect English David told me yes, I was welcome.  I have to admit that the cañas and the vino were evident in my timekeeping and I was not exactly playing at my normal level.  But still, a great time was had by all and the mainly young crowd appreciated a the efforts of the red faced foreign stranger.

In summary Fonda La Lechuga, La Coquette, Vladi and David are all highly recommended.



August 1st, 2008 at 14:26
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