Message from The Stumble

Posted on: Saturday, Sep 6, 2008

If you don’t know who The Stumble are then where on earth have you been for the last ten years or so.  The Stumble are without a doubt one of the few top drawer blues acts from the region.  Anyway on to the point of the post. has received this short update from our friends The Stumble and the news is good.  Jonny says…..

To all friends and fans of The Stumble,

Just to let you all know that the band have a brand new website at where you can now listen to some brand new soundclips of the new album. All being well the album should be released late September 2008.

Hope you are all well folks

All the best from Colin, Jonny, Boyd, Paul, Dave and Simon

Flickr photo Blackie at Burnley, originally uploaded by The Stumble Blues Band.



September 7th, 2008 at 19:09
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The new CD will be called “Houngan”. Interesting title. I looked it up.

The Stumble also have a gig coming up in the region. Sept 20th they are at the Southport Arts Centre with Boogie Bill Roberts on piano.