Happy birthday to us

Posted on: Wednesday, Sep 24, 2008

Well well well!  Who would have thought that bluesinthenorthwest was three years old, but it’s true.  We celebrate our third birthday today 24 September.  During that time we have moved from a small hobby site hosted on the blogger site to a fully hosted WordPress driven site.

The vintage blogger site is still up and running and for some reason still gets three or four hits per day despite not being updated since 6th November 2006.  http://bluesinthenorthwest.blogspot.com.

Since we moved to a the hosted site and began to use WordPress we have gone from strength to strength; a quick look at the archives page will show almost 2000 posts with over 450 gigs previewed and almost 180 reviews.  Many internet searches now list bluesinthenorthwest.com in the top few places and about half of our traffic comes from the big search engines.

For example if you do a search for blues gig manchester in Google you will find bluesinthenorthwest.com in positions two and three and a similar search for blues gig lancashire will put us in the top two places.

We own a number of domains all of which point towards http://www.bluesinthenorthwest.com, we have…




We don’t have http://www.nwblues.com, that points towards NORTHWEST BLUES located in the Pacific Northwest area of the United States. Washington, Oregon, Canada and Idaho.  Good luck to our US colleagues.

The site only works with input and contribution from others.  If I don’t get sent the gig information by the artists and promoters then I cannot promote the events.

bluesinthenorthwest.com is a non-profit making enterprise that costs me hard earned money to run, all for the benefit of the blues community in this region.    We carry no adverts; all that we ask is that you continue to support this music by going to gigs and buying CDs.

I welcome contributions from other writers and reviewers.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to be a regular writer, or just send me articles that I can publish.  Finally a big thanks to the regular contributors Grahame Rhodes and Lionel Ross, without their contribution, this site would be significantly less interesting.

Thanks for the support


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September 24th, 2008 at 14:08
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Happy third birthday! I can assure you it is a pleasure to contribute to your fine site. Would be nice like you say if a few more would join in . . . as the great SWBII once said . . . “You got to help me . . . I can’t do it all by myself.”



September 29th, 2008 at 15:30
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Happy third birthday and many thanks and congratulations, Ken! It is an honour to be an occasional contributor and it would be great to see some more people making contributions to your excellent site. Long may it continue.