on tour Day 3 – Wednesday

Posted on: Saturday, Oct 11, 2008

It was drizzly and misty first thing. Our plans for this day were to head away from Memphis and to go down south. 

The English driver(!) bumped the car in the hotel car park.  All credit to Chrysler engineers, despite a 5-10mph knock there was no damage to the car.  Phew!  Luckily due to the friendly, tolerant nature of the party there was no ribbing or joshing at all.  The accident barely has been mentioned since.

We checked into our Clarksdale hotel and immediately headed south to Indianola MS to see the brand new B.B. King Museum.

Before entering the museum we had a fabulous lunch at the nearby Gin Mill Galleries where the owner Thomas Bingham fed us very well and showed us his excellent restaurant/café/bar/venue/gallery.  He also entertained us by recounting in his VERY LOUD VOICE some of the stories about the area and his life.  Tom is a very fine woodworker and a lovely man. His phrase that I enjoyed the most was when he was describing his first experience of European food – German sauerkraut, Tom said “I was just about fixing to hurl”.

The B.B. King Museum was very good; it was great to see the life and achievements of the great man put in perspective.

On the way back we drive down a dirt track to see a genuine Mississippi Juke Joint – Po Monkey’s Lounge.  We very lucky, as we were taking some pictures outside, the owner Willie Seaberry popped out and invited us inside to take a look.  Incredible!  Small and dirty with crazy decoration, a real eye opener.  It must be a brilliant night in there.

From Juke Joint to fine dining.  That night we ate in Madidi’s Restaurant in downtown Clarksdale.  This is the award winning restaurant co-owned by Morgan Freeman.

No time to post pictures.  Gotta head out to the Bizkit.

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