The Real Joe Jonas

Posted on: Thursday, Oct 16, 2008

Joe Jonas plays the blues

Don O posted this on Blues-L…..

Dallas bluesman Joe Jonas has an interesting problem. He shares a name with one of the teenage heart throbs in the Jonas Brothers Band that happens to be the “it” band of the minute.  They recently bought a $2.9 million dollar house in the DFW area and suddenly our “real” Joe Jonas started getting phone calls at all hours on his unlisted phone number.  All teenage girls looking for the other Joe Jonas.  His website got overrun with hits exceeding his bandwidth resulting in it being shut down for 3 weeks every month.  Then some tween girl complained he was impersonating “her” Joe Jonas and myspace pulled his myspace page.  He’s also had confused tween girls, parents in tow, showing up at his gigs and leaving confused.

It’s all sort of funny, but Joe has turned it around and gotten some press out of it.  There was a recent article in the Dallas Morning News and today he ended up on the local NBC TV affiliate.  Here’s their video of the story, complete with a short clip of Joe with the band.  Publicity is where you find it!

Flickr photo Joe Jonas plays the blues from poodlesuperstar

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