Gig: The Winchesters – Chester – 27 Nov

Posted on: Monday, Nov 24, 2008

Another of the northwests legendary bands are back playing together again.  You can see The Winchesters at Alexanders, Chester on Thu 27 November.

Their MySpace site sums it all up nicely.

The Winchesters burst onto the scene in 1991. Little did they know at the time that their journey from the blood-tubs of Lancashire would lead to eleven years of solid gigging all around Europe, television and radio appearances, producing 7 albums, with only three changes of line-up along the way. Blues – Sausage – Country – Military – Jazz – Beer – Folk – Pie – Americana. How many other bands can you think of who could play at all these types of festival? Alas, the journey was to end in 2002 when Peter and Jesse formed the excellent but more mainstream “Swing Commanders” who have gone on to much acclaim on both the Country and 1940’s circuits. In 2008 the members of the most successful, classic line-up of the Winchesters decided to get together to do a few more gigs alongside their other individual projects, just to see if the unique camaraderie of the band was still there. It was – and so was the joy of once again performing the superb songs written by Peter O’Reilly. The Winchesters are back!

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