YouTube: Pennyland

Posted on: Sunday, Dec 7, 2008

A poignant movie by Frank Thomas inspired by “Pennyland” a song written by his brother, Eddie Thomas featuring Depression Era photographs from the Library of Congress and audio excerpts from Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1933 inaugural address.


Pete Evans

December 7th, 2008 at 11:57
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Absolutely superb. Two of the nicest blokes I’ve ever met in blues. Many of you will remember their brilliant series of musically accompanied documentary films “Angels on The Backroads” that they presented to a number of the NW venues a couple of years ago.
Paul Taylor and I had the pleasure of staying with them at their home in Iuka on the Mississippi/ Alabama border in 2006 and as I say, two of the most genuine men I’ve ever met.
I’ve heard that the “Angels on the Backroads” may be released as a dvd – I hope so as it was a very comprehensive look at the Mississippi river on its course from Memphis to N’Awleans down through the Delta.