Review: Hans Theessink and Terry Evans – Visions

Posted on: Saturday, Dec 20, 2008

Blue Groove
BG-CD 1720

Recorded in just two days is this fabulous record by two tremendous singers;  Hans Thessink and Terry Evans may be from separate sides of the Atlantic Ocean but when together they work together beautifully.

Hans Theessink is a European favourite,  a Dutchman based in Vienna with more than 20 albums and a DVD under his belt, he is famous for his beautiful sonorous baritone voice.

Terry Evans contributes the soulful sounds of Mississippi. Along with his solo work, Terry is probably best know for his many contributions with Ry Cooder.

Longtime friends Theesink and Evans have worked together in the past and for many years have had a vision of combining forces for a stripped-down duo recording. In December 2007 they got together in L.A. to do just that. Within two days they recorded a soulful album of original songs and soul-blues classics.

It is clear throughout this CD that the duo have a mutual respect and their voices complement each other beautifully.  The sound is very relaxed and their infectious enjoyment cascades from the speakers.  As well as sharing the guitar and vocal duties with Evans, Theessink also plays the sweet harmonica and it is his foot that you can hear marking the time and driving the duo forwards.

There is not a dud nor a filler on the entire record.  Theesink’s “Demons” features amazing vocal work from the duo with Evans singing sweet and perfect harmonies over Theesink’s lush baritone. On the Memphis Slim atmospheric classic “Mother Earth” the verses are shared while the choruses are in harmonies.  The guitars work like the vocals, twisting together in a perfect blend. Another highlight is the Wilson Pickett hit “Don’t let the green grass fool you” –  Evans’ voice on this one is simply perfect.

Phil Bloch contributes some lovely percussion on eight of the thirteen tracks with Richard Thomson delivering lovely guitar on two, including the aforementioned “Mother Earth”.  It would neither be fair nor just to close a review of this record without mentioning the quality of the recording.  Both Evans and Thessink are well known for their audiophile recordings and, in this sense, this record will not disappoint.  The sound, the balance, the warmth and the ambience in the record is just perfect.  Even listening on my portable device at highbitrate MP3 using my Shure SE310s, the production is simply stunning.

Thessink will be back in the region in 2009 for his British tour.  A must see.  Watch this space for more details nearer the time.



December 20th, 2008 at 11:32
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A well deserved nomination this week in the Blues Music Awards.



December 20th, 2008 at 16:28
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Hans has pointed out that he is the only European nominee.