RIP Robert Ward

Posted on: Friday, Dec 26, 2008

I just heard that Robert Ward passed away after a long struggle with various health issues.  I’ll post a link to a obituary when I have one.

Here is the press release…..

Black Top and Delmark recording artist Robert Ward passed away Christmas Day at about 3:30 Pm.

He had been ill with kidney and other problems recently, and had been in failing health since a couple of minor strokes over this past decade.

He was watching a video of a European concert appearance he had made back in the 90’s with his wife, Roberta, and she stepped into the kitchen just a few feet away to grab a snack for them. When she returned minutes later, he was gone.

Roberta said he hadn’t made a sound and passed in peace.

The Wards have 68 grandchildren and live in Dry Branch GA, about 6 miles from Macon.  Funeral arrangements are being made. Robert was a veteran of the US Army.  Donations are being accepted to assist with interment costs, they can be
sent to:

Roberta Ward
Post Office Box 217
Dry Branch GA 31020



December 26th, 2008 at 11:46
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Sad news for Christmas Day . . . always like that vibrato guitar sound through the Magnatone amp . . . on the first time I went to Colne, a one-dayer to launch that year’s festival, around 1992 I think . . . he was backed by Otis Grand and his band. RIP Robert.