Sweet note from Joachim Greve

Posted on: Monday, Feb 9, 2009

Here’s a nice note sent to some fans from the excellent drummer Joachim Greve, most recently in the John O’Leary Band but who is now living in the United States.  Sounds tempting eh?

Hi! (Hallo ihr Lieben!)

How are you? I’ve promised to write about my new adventure here in San Francisco and have so far not written at all. Probably because I sit in front of the computer a lot of the time looking for flats, gigs, jams, cars etc. I wanted to send pictures from here in the beautiful hills of San Rafael but then my wee computer crashed and it looks like he is fatally wounded 🙁 …so no picture uploading an’ that. Since yesterday I’m the proud owner a 1995 Volvo (what else???) 960 3 Liter 6 Cylinder Wagon. I think it’s a good buy. It was smiling at me in the ad and felt it 😉  Anyway, it looks the bollocks and goes like stink! (204 bhp) Has all the comfort of a freeway cruiser and was mine for a mere $2100. I will send photos once I have the chance to. Last weekend I had my first gig and it was paid and a drumkit provided! The only thing I brought were my sticks and took home the vast sum of $70!!! Haha! 😉 It was a wee place in the Mission District and we played Latin Rock with Congas, Timbales etc. The people really love their music here and we played till 1 in the morning. It was the nuts! I still haven’t got my drums from the port but I will hopefully pick ’em up tomorrow. Then life can start properly. I’m reminded a lot of the time when I first came to London. Then when the cards were stacked against us I insisted to see the positive in everything. Now that everybody’s loving my playing and the musicians tell that I will be in high demand-I don’t want to trust the sunshine. I’m looking for glitches, disappointments and set backs when there are none. When I wake up in the morning I see the sun rising over the hills and I moved everyday by the beauty of the place. At night the stars are SHINING! out here and you hear coyotes howl. There’s a direct connection with nature and wildlife here that I did not expect. It’s a very pleasant surprise though. 🙂  There are bobcats and coyotes just a few yards from the house at night. Once I got my car I would like to travel a lot across America. I’m magically drawn towards the north and would love to see Oregon, Minnesota, Wyoming etc. It seems that people out here are trusting life more, believe in it’s wonders. Hard to tell but easily felt by my kind. A dreamer in a country of dreamers… 🙂 Wherever you make your home; it’s always the people, never the place itself that keeps you there…. and so I miss you.
Good night, sleep tight….


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