Review: The Aynsley Lister Band at Warrington RnB Club – 6th February 2009

Posted on: Wednesday, Feb 11, 2009




Aynsley Lister’s first appearance in Warrington broke the attendance record at the club and occasioned the posting of the first ‘house full’ notice at the entrance of the venue. The blues/rock singer/guitarist from Leicester was backed on this occasion by Midus Guerreiro on bass guitar, Simon Small on drums and Ian Parker Band keyboard player, ‘Morg’ Morgan.


The gig began with a return performance from David Roper on guitar and vocals and Mike Kyle on harmonica, who performed an enthusiastic set of acoustic blues. Their varied programme included the excellent slow blues, “Don’t Shake My Hand”, which evoked fond memories of that song’s originators, The Hoax. The young duo is planning a tour with Manchester-based Ernie’s Rhythm Section, which will provide them with a fine opportunity to increase their exposure and develop their experience.


The Aynsley Lister Band opened their single, extended set with the medium-paced rocker, “I’m Coming Down”, followed by a slow-burning number and “What’s It All About?”, a blues/rock ballad that featured a brilliant guitar solo. The ballad is one of several tracks on the band’s album, Hurricane, that were included in their set. Other numbers from the album included the plaintive “Soul” and the title song, on which ‘Morg’ Morgan delivered the goods on keyboard.


A fine version of “Purple Rain”, complete with a beautifully played guitar solo, was the calm before the storm, as the set rose to a climax with four heavy rocking numbers. Among them, “Time Is Running Out On Me” featured some tasty interplay between Aynsley and ‘Morg’, while “Balls Of Steel” completed the greatly appreciated programme with shades of Status Quo.


A full house of happy punters is the all-too-rare dream of promoters, particularly in the unpredictable world of blues clubs. It is to be hoped, however, that attendances will continue to be high as this year’s calendar of events unfolds. It is no less than the organisers, Ray and Barbara O’Hare deserve.


Lionel Ross





February 12th, 2009 at 18:14
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Great news of a full house at Warrington – I am so pleased for Ray and Barbara, this must be a real boost for them! Hope for more of the same on 27th February, for the Down at Antone’s and Harpbreakers double-header!