Naomi Mather

Posted on: Monday, Feb 23, 2009

Naomi Mather

I recently posted an article on the new blues nights at Chameleon in Liverpool.

One of the regular featured artists is Merseyside solo act Naomi Mather and I thought that I would do a quick feature on Naomi as I strongly believe in supporting young up and coming artists.

Here is Naomi’s biography.

You probably think that the guitar playing, foot stomping, hollering blues ladies only exist in black and white, but there is one left! Naomi Mather is a female singer/songwriter with a difference, her love and passion for delta blues. With her individual yet true to the roots guitar style and her gritty and sometimes English vocal approach she’s what you’d expect in a blues lady! Her songwriting displays sympathy to the traditional but is innovative and gives the time-loved genre a twist of modernity and a hint of folk. Her guitar style has been described by veterans of the blues as beyond her years and her use of the guitar for its percussive qualities and her left foot beating on her home-made stomp box keeps audience’s feet tapping. Her lyrics reveal much about herself and her life and she tells these honest stories of men, friends and spirituality with wry humour making audiences smile with comprehension.

For the past few years Naomi has been developing a devoted fan base in Liverpool and throughout the blues circuit in the UK and is quickly attracting the attention of critics, promoters and music lovers alike. Having recently released her EP ‘Born At The Wrong Time’, she believes now is the time to take her music travelling and she is planning to continue to play on the blues and folk circuit both in the UK and further a field keeping the Blues alive and growing music organically the natural way.


“Emerging new talent” Blues In Britain

“A female Martin Harley” Keighley Blues Club

“Beyond her years” Doug MacLeod

“A well kept secret” Thomas Ruf, Blues Matters

Watch this space for a review of the new EP.  Good luck Naomi.

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