Blind Blake sounding amazing

Posted on: Monday, Mar 16, 2009

This was posted by Jonny Meister on the Blues-L list.

The Pristine Audio company in France has done it again, with a wonderful-sounding collection on Blind Blake called “No Dough Blues” using the “XR” process to restore audio. It sounds definitely better than previous Blind Blake reissues. The album is available as a download or CD… easier to get the download, which you can get in mp3 or flac. Flac files, about ½ the size of wav files (or CD audio files). sound just as good as CD audio files do. No sound is lost in them from compression. They can be played in Winamp and other free players, or easily converted with free converters to wav files and burned to a regular audio CD. Most of Pristine Audio’s restorations are classical music, but we are lucky to get a few stunning blues and jazz albums per year.

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